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CALAWO Easy sports pant with super stretchable material. Beautiful cutting, good stitches and small pocket design for your key, this give you an elegant complement to any pair of sports t-shirt.

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Yes, it’s designed with the  breathable and instant cooling material. Even with the maximum movement, EASY pant still can remain comfortable.

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33 reviews for Easy Pant

  1. Julie Omar (verified owner)

    Super love dgn this pants๐Ÿ˜… Finally jumpa pants yg so comfy coz of the buttery soft fabric….very stretchy and friendly workout….pakai pegi jalan2 pun cantek….yg penting cutting dia buat kaki terus nampak tinggi..and the hidden pocket also very convenient… nak order lagi 2 pants ๐Ÿ˜ŠโœŒ๏ธ

  2. Zarin (verified owner)

    The material is superb. Lenght and size fit nicely. But for skinny leg like me..i prefer straight cutting pants. But still it is worth to buy.

  3. Syazwani (verified owner)

    i like the cutting of this pants. finally an appropriate pants (not skinny/legging type) to wear at the gym

  4. Norlaily Ezaty (verified owner)

    Terpaling suka seluar dari CALAWO.. Rugi siapa tak beli !!! Yg penting effect nmpk kaki kurusa dan panjang..

  5. Sharidah (verified owner)

    Calawo pant memang selesa …cutting pun bagus…

  6. cimot_syiraz (verified owner)

    super duper comfy..jarang dapapt beli sport pants yg selesa camni..material sgt soft..arghh..dunno how to describe more..just want to say..yg belum miliki..sila lah miliki segera..insyaAllah..worth buying..!

  7. FaezaHamidi (verified owner)

    sport pants yg sesuai nk pegi jogging,running,hiking n shopping . tak payah dah nk pilih2 seluar lain dh . beli size L dgn berat 63kg tinggi 158cm tetap nmpak longgar n panjang seluar ngam2.yg penting iolls nmpak kurus ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

  8. Linda Amin (verified owner)

    Sport pants yg selesa dan sesuai untuk sport. I pkai size M n Tudung yg sgt2 selesa ringan n cantik teletak..mudah dbawa ke mna shja tidak komok2. Next nk beli utuk tudung for my girl…sng nk bawa ke skolah.yang penting brli produk dari muslim…much better n statisfied.tq calawosport.

  9. ZANARIAH ZAHIDI (verified owner)

    These are the BEST PANTS I have ever bought online or in store! The fit is perfect, stretchy in all the right places for a woman like me. Will purchase another pair soon!

  10. Rehana (verified owner)

    The long sleeve shirt, hijab and easy pants are all comfortable, light n sweat-absorbent. As they are mainly for sports-wear, the materials are super cool. Love wearing them. This is my 3rd purchase. Congrats to all those behind these products. Very proud to have Quality Islamic products

  11. Shery (verified owner)

    Best material. Kaki terus nmpk kecik
    Bila pakai. So comfy for running and casual wear. No regrets!

  12. Dayah R (verified owner)

    Material best sgt2… Cuma cutting very slim kat bhg tgh (lutut) utk org yg berisi… After sale servis pun bagus๐Ÿ‘

  13. Elin Elisa (verified owner)

    tinggi 154, berat 40kg saiz S muat utk saya. ringan & mmg sesuai utk sport activities. TQ seller

  14. Nisa (verified owner)

    Best giler seluar ni! Ringan, xpanas dan paling penting cutting die buat kita nampak kurus!!! Heehheeh.. sis nk order satu lagi.. u olls nile lagi???

  15. seliha yahya (verified owner)

    Material mmg best sangat. yang paling best seluar ni bole tutup perut dan cutting seluar buat kita nampak tinggi. Memang tak rugi hari tu beli 2 set. Bessssttt gilaaaaa

  16. Fatiha Shabaruddin (verified owner)

    Seluar ni memang best sangat! material best, cutting pun best!
    memang rasa slim pakai seluar ni, betul cakap reviewers lain ๐Ÿ™‚
    Size XL is a perfect fit for me…. 62kg and tinggi around 158cm.
    My sister pakai size L, berat dia around 56kg camtu & 156cm.
    So tempted nak beli sepasang lagi! Thanks Calawo!

  17. gee nazam

    Nice cutting, very nice material…super love

  18. Faezah Ali Omar

    Comfortable, very nice material & awesome

  19. Faezah Ali Omar

    Comfortable, very nice material & awesome.

  20. Aisya (verified owner)

    seluar ni sangat best dan berkualiti. boleh repeat beli lagi.


    Flex is different from other sports skirt. Slit on both sides and so tak kembang. Clever design I must say. What I like most is the service ๐Ÿ™‚ They called and reconfirmed my order. After consultation, I changed my order from L/XL to S/M as recommended and it was perfect fit. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  22. MsTyta

    Sememangnya Iโ€™m a skort/skirt lover dan bila nampak Flex Skirt yg Calawo just launched, terus beli (Maroon & Black). Very chic design and most importantly; super comfy. Highly recommended!

  23. Norul Emelia (verified owner)

    Seluar yg sangat selesa utk bersukan..cutting cantik buat kaki nampak kurus๐Ÿ˜

  24. Nurliyana Mohd Rosli (verified owner)

    Pants sangat selesa. Sesuai untuk berbasikal dan kain tak panas. Memang best

  25. Syahirah (verified owner)

    Potongan seluar cantik. Material sejuk. Tak rasa sesak bila pakai. Pinggang seluar yang high waist cover perut kita. Memudahkan untuk bersenam.

  26. Nur Najwa Omar (verified owner)

    Selesa sgt , material sejuk dan flexible … sesuai utk aktiviti dan santai , i will repeat puas hati

  27. Aishah (verified owner)

    Semuanya terbaik. Potongan, material mmg ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  28. Nor Ainah

    seluar sangat-sangat selesa.. memang puas hati walaupun hrga dia Rm99.berbaloi2

  29. Rosmeyatie Abdul Gani

    Selesa dan cantik

  30. Marinah (verified owner)

    Super duper cntik seluar ni. Nak bli lg lepas ni.

  31. NOR AZLINA DAN (verified owner)

    Super duper in love with the pants.. super comfy.. pasti repeat lg lepas ni… tq CALAWO

  32. Shaheera (verified owner)

    Okay suka sangat dengan seluar ni sebab ive been searching for this kind of cutting for quite some time. Dulu suka beli nike/adidas sbb diorg ada cutting mcm ni. Tapi skrg mostly ada legging je, so calawo mmg the best option! I bought the navy color one and im so gonna get the black color in the future!

  33. Ani (verified owner)

    Seluar sangat selesa dipakai dan mudah untuk bergerak.

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